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Also, "Refusal to take corporal punishment will result in suspension."
Paddling is mentioned in particular as a punishment for failure to submit assignments or possession of laser pointers, and repeated dress code violations; a first offense of truancy, fighting, tobacco, or profanity; a second offense of leaving the classroom during class, bullying, using a copy machine without permission, having a knife with a blade shorter than 3 inches, or use of school telephone; a second or subsequent public display of affection; a third offense of failure to have the student's name displayed on backpacks, or not being prepared for class; a first, second or third offense of horseplay; and a fifth or subsequent tardy (3 swats).

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Violation of any of the student rules "will automatically result in detention and a trip to the office for Christian counseling and discipline, including corporal correction if it is deemed necessary".

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