God created humans and made dignity a basic part of our daily life.

Two Kantian essays—one by Susan M. Shell and one by John Rawls—suggest some of the major implications of human dignity for speech. Shell contends that Kant's notion of virtue should lead every person to the "never-ending effort to be truthful to oneself, lest one be reduced, in one's own eyes, to what Kant calls a 'speech machine'—a mere 'appearance' of a human being whose 'determination' is so far from 'purposive' as to be literally incapable of meaning anything" (72). Rawls contends that justice is based not on an abundance of information, but rather on humans overlooking those "various contingencies" about individuals that are matters of one's "social position, peculiar desires and interests, or of the various outcomes and configurations of natural and historical accident . . ." (205). [End Page 167]

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The time has come for us to re-establish the rights for which we stand, to re-assert ourinalienable rights to human dignity, self-respect, self-reliance—to be again the kind ofpeople who once made America great.

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The notion of human dignity has been so politicized by both Right and Left, however, that now we lack the language we need to use the concept wisely in public discourse. As Glenn Tinder says in his concluding essay, "Faces of Personal Dignity," the "idea has been weakened less by counterargument than by being so invariably honored in speech that it is now cliché" (238).

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In “Human Dignity,” Fukuyama argues that technology will increasingly demand us to reconsider our definition of human. He uses the term “Factor X” to capture the essential trait that entitles people to protection and rights. Using Fukuyama’s essay and one outside text, write a 3 to 4 page essay arguing for the use of FX in a conversation, debate, or topic, and explain how and why FX is vital to that issue. So you have to choose something that have factor X in the society and talk about the topic and how is related to factor X

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Essays trace the concept of human dignity back to the Hebrew, Greek, and Christian traditions. Robert P. Kraynak goes so far as to suggest that reclaiming the idea from these traditions is nothing short of "the challenge of our times" (1). He avers that technology, bureaucracy, materialism, and capitalism need to be leavened with a deep respect for the "distinct and privileged place" of human beings (3).

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The primary implication of adopting a strong view of human dignity, says Tinder, is the treatment of the other person as an "end and never a means" (11). We fail to live up to this standard, however, because: (1) the vast powers of organizations that govern us and the complex realities that make up our world lack human scale, (2) human beings and social institutions are enchanted by human progress yet infected with human pride, and (3) people are "fiercely intolerant of suffering" even though it is a fact of human existence and sometimes results favorably in a humility that can reduce the dangers of hubris (19).