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Wade L. Robison's Commentary on "Cutting Roadside Trees". Whenever one acts, one is its advantages and disadvantages, and perhaps.
Benefits of trees. Benefits of trees WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF PLANTING AND PRESERVING TREES? Besides the benefits deriving from their.
Therefore, while the disadvantages of deforestation are felt on a global scale, the When trees are cut down, the carbon dioxide they absorbed and stored.
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The Disadvantages of Tree Cutting. Trees play a large variety of vital roles in the Earth's ecosystem, weather patterns, The Disadvantages of Tree Cutting.
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I practiced this essay and faced some conflicts. So I partially agree and wanted to present a balanced view, however in writing I had a lot of points, for both positives and negatives in mind and considering word limit, I was not able to elaborate properly.

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Personally, I think it is not natural to use “this essay….” in IELTS writing test.What do you think of it?

My question: When and in which of the 5 types of essays is it fine to make a suggestion in the conclusion paragraph?
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Hi Liz, just read all of your tips about to to write a good essay. I am aiming for a perfect band 9. I just wanted to inquire about how to structure my response when i am about to write a band 9 essay. Suppose if the question asks me ” to what extent do you agree or disagree?
can i say like ” In this paper, the author will look at a number of studies which show that both viewpoints are, to some extent,justified. and then talk about both viewpoints( 1 paragraph each) and give a conclusion at the end by partially agreeing to one side?
Thank you in advance for your response.

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I need an advice from u. Is it possible to add an data or information to the body of essay writing task 2, but I’m not sure about the validity of the data? Or in easy way, could I put unvalid data on the essay?

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It is not possible to learn sentences and put them into your essay. The examiner is trained to spot learned phrases and they will not be accepted. To get band score 6, you must have band score 6 English. This is ultimately a language test, you must have the level of English suitable to the score you want to achieve. My recommendation is to improve your level of English so you can write complex sentences without too many errors. Learn ideas to apply but not fixed sentences.
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Hello Liz,
I am having problem in differentiating two essay types named opinion and agree/disagree type.
Could you tell me what is ther difference between agree/disagree essay and opinion essay?