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While students are encouraged to stay in school, dropping out is not the end of the world. There are successful people that have gone back to school to earn their diploma. There are online classes available that make it easier for students to earn their diploma. Others feel students are still gambling their future when they do not take the time to get their education. A large number of students are too consumed with making money, getting material things, and trying to be like a celebrity. They may feel high school is not a big deal or it will not help them get to where they want to be.

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I didn’t get a chance to read ALL the replies but it sounds like overall people are using this as an outlet to release their frustrations about their failed college experiences. The reality is aside from personal issues that may interfere…college is difficult. If it were easy, everyone would have a college degree right? Or there would be no need to celebrate an accomplishment above and beyond what is required of you as a child(i.e. High School). The fact is unless you are an heiress,techno/gidget geek who has the latest and greatest program under your sleeve, dance, sing, or play sports- school is definitely worth serious consideration. If it helps- I have been on both sides of the fence and school is much harder than working. But, school is much more fulfilling, and I got extremely tired of making tons of money (slaving) for some corporation looking to make the next cut to improve their profits- which could inevitably be my job. This is one tid bit everyone forgot to mention. What happens when you get laid off(which is really feasible in this economy) or fired and then you have no education to compete with other unemployed folks with advanced degrees? Your chances are really slim to getting a position when competing with those who actually have college degrees. Look at it this way- You only have to do college once, and then you have the rest of your life to do what you want! Be smart, pick a lucrative field of study and good school. Even the statistics show those with college degrees make more money over the life span when compared to those who don’t. I’m currently getting my PhD and undergrad is a breeze compared to what I’m doing now (and YES I overcame hurdles you wouldn’t believe). Just a small voice of reason to those looking for motivation-hang in there!

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The error lots of people are making when harshly judging the students that drop is that they don’t understand that some people already know how life works.
People keep saying “well yeah you have to take useless classes, get used to it, you have to do lots of things in real life you don’t want to”, and this is ridiculous. For one, not everybody goes to college immediately after the 12th grade, and all of those people already have life experience. Secondly, many people Work one if not a couple jobs THROUGHOUT High school, and pay their own bills if not helping to pay the bills of their family and everything. These people are well acquainted with real world life and how to do tough things. A lot more so than most college students, I would wager.
So for those people to suddenly realize that they are paying way way way more than they need to buy their own house, just so they can live in an 8 by 16 room with another person, eat shitty food, be broke all the time and spend lots of valuable time going to/doing work for classes that have absolutely nothing to do with your field and will never help you in the future; Dropping out seems like a good idea sometimes.

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College for the most part really is a joke. Wanna be a religion major? Fine. Take three semesters of basket weaving. Wanna be a computer engineer? Take 4 semesters of art history. I could go on. So much about college today is good, but an even larger portion is just plain stupid. The level of teaching and the professors who do it @ my university are next to worthless. Show up if they feel like it and assign mountains of busywork. High Schools nowadays do not prepare you for college and college is so much about stress as opposed to learning that it has very little similarity to the real world. I could never drop out, but I can understand why people decide to sometimes. Sometimes it just isnt worth the $45,000 a year fight.

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I am in the midst of dropping out.
I currently attend one of the most competitive conceptual art schools in the country. I know that I could do really well if I stay on. However, I don’t want the validation that just because I have a piece of paper saying that I have the official stamp of approval that will get people in my field will accept me.