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Documentary photography proves that pictures can change the world. For example, photos revealing the death and destruction caused by U.S. presence in Vietnam resulted in America’s withdrawal from the war. The key to this is not in the telling, but the showing. Photographers were able to capture the emotion and trauma of suffering humanity, and inspire viewers to create change. The communication of emotion visually is valuable and strong, even in singular glimpses.

The question of whether photography can be art was settled a long time ago.

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Feel free to browse through the list of artists on the left, and be sure to read the articles and check out the resources, as well as viewing the photographs.

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In modern times, documentary photography is still extremely important. Photojournalism as a profession has become increasingly difficult to maintain, due to the rise in iphone photography and layoffs sparked by changing demands for media. Nonetheless, it is as crucial as ever to document life in real time and share true and moving stories with the world.

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Documentary Hypothesis, or JEDP Theory, is the view held by various scholars that the five books of the Pentateuch were really written by four different authors, and not Moses.

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Great article, every image, street photography, documentry whatever, if its in the right context for the viewer….there is emotion than it’s will be more like documentry, i think also a lot of old photographs who will remember us how it was can fall under the defintion.

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: The website profiles South Africa in a progressive way as it embraces democracy and leaves its Apartheid past behind; a work in progress to be sure, but fascinating to behold and photograph.

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