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The e-rater engine is an automated essay scoring system developed by researchers at ETS. The e-rater engine is trained on many different essay topics through an analysis of thousands of essay responses that trained GRE readers have scored according to GRE scoring standards. These e-rater models are used to score essays submitted through the ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice service.

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The ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice service allows you to practice your analytical writing skills on Analytical Writing tasks used in the GRE® General Test. The responses you write in the service are scored by e-rater®, the automated essay scoring system developed by ETS researchers.

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Please note that long essays (more than 1,000 words) are rarely submitted on the operational test and thus the e-rater models which are built on operational essays scored by trained ETS essay readers may not provide as accurate a score for very long essays as they would for an essay that falls within the regular range. That is why the ScoreItNow! software will produce an Advisory Notice of a score for those essays. On the operational test, of course, essays are scored by human readers and can be any length.

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The instructor of two separate classes, one graduate human development and learning class, and one undergraduate educational psychology class, had the unique opportunity to compare the quality of work submitted by students in equivalent sections of online and face-to-face formats. The graduate sections were taught the fall of 2005, while the undergraduate sections were taught the fall of 2007. In each case, the class content and instruction was consistent between sections, including readings, activities, assignments, and discussions. The assignments required students to apply their knowledge of theories and constructs of educational psychology and/or human development to analyze short stories, review journal articles and/or describe observations of the learning process (the zone of proximal development and the use of learning strategies), as well as answer an essay question on self-efficacy on a final examination.

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Go to the Welcome Page. Click on the Sign In button and type your user name and password. Then choose your mode: Test Experience or Practice. If you have purchased the Practice Option, select a topic on which you wish to submit an essay. Read the directions provided on the screen. When you are ready to write your response online, enter your essay response into the text box and click Submit. Or, you can copy and paste a response you wrote offline and click on Submit. If you are using the Test Experience Option, your essay responses must be composed online and will go to e-rater for scoring when you click on Submit or when the allotted time has expired.

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Exam question on self-efficacy. Each student was required to answer a question from the essay format final exam requiring a detailed explanation of the nature and development of self-efficacy, and why it is important to motivation. Since this was the final exam, students were not required to discuss or reflect further on the question. The final exams for the face-to-face sections were scheduled during final exam week, and all students took the test during the pre-arranged time. Students in the online section were required to take the final exam with a pre-approved proctor.