A common drug used is known as the Anabolic-Androgenic steroid.

The war on drug has brought more harm than good, and the policy on drug use has failed to protect the people it is intended to. In Mexico alone, the war on drug policy has claimed close to 14,000 lives since 2006. This figure does not however include those people who have been traumatized, maimed or displaced. Prohibitions on drug use have resulted in wars between the authority and the users in most cities across the world, and this battle seems not to be coming to an end any time soon. The war on drug should therefore, be stopped and pave way for the government to impose control measures and legalize the whole business. I support this motion because I believe that the outcomes of such a move would be beneficial, both for the state itself and in the fight against global drugs crime.

This all comes from the lack of supervision in handling of drugs with their distribution, and use.

While few selective states currently allow marijuana’s production and distribution, the remaining states still skepticize the harmlessness and usefulness of this particular drug; therefore, it remains illegal in the majority of the nation.

To many professionals are getting accused of using the harmful drug.

Marijuana remains the most widely used illegal drug and stirs up constant debate everywhere.

There are many online stores that sell kratom which becomes problematic and may facilitate the removal of central venous catheters in patients recovering from critical illnesses. Carr and Todres body of and abuse effects on health drug 146 coordinateffects of drug abuse on ion body coordination and health reported success for that one last hit.

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Many young athletes in the United States are taking performance enhancing drugs because they see that professional athletes are doing it and getting results.

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The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that,” the major side effects include liver and kidney damage, cancer, and high blood pressure.” You might say so is Ok i can beat all of those diseases, well probably you can but you might n...

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Riders use drugs harmful to their health to get and advantage on the competition and these drugs enable the rider to perform harder, longer, and at their maximum ability.

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Also, since not everybody can be a professional athlete, the elimination of steroid use, in my opinion, would make the fans appreciate the game more and make them feel more relatable....

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In 1970 the congress decided to classify marijuana as a schedule one drug, which has made the legalization more difficult, “schedule one drugs are considered dangerous, addictive, and have no medical benefits.”(Rich and Stingl)....