Most people think of E-commerce as buying things on the web.

More specifically, the supply chain management (SCM) used by Dell allows customers to build their own PC online and successfully satisfies each customer’s specification....

Buying and selling goods on the Internet is one of the most popular examples of ecommerce.

Since you also eliminate the need for a physical store, your business can save money on rent and upkeep like utilities and maintenance. Additionally, because there is no limit to the number of items that can be sold online, your store's stock can expand exponentially by moving to an e-commerce model, and the store can remain open 24/7 so consumers can browse your wares at their leisure.

Are the solutions eBay is seeking to implement goodsolutions?

Most casual internet users think that e-commerce is just buying and selling online....

Business to Business (B2B): are those where both the transacting parties are businesses, e.g., manufacturers, traders, retailers and the like.

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Spin off retail arm
Mobile e-commerce
Package pickup John Donahoe eBay's Business Model Original Focus mainly on auction
Advertising - incur fees on ads
Transaction revenue model
high listing fee
low sales commission Latest Proposed Focus on fixed price goods
Transaction revenue model
free listing fee
higher sales commission (9.9%)
PayPal, Gumtree
Same-day shipping Is it differentiated?

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eBay's marketing strategy has created an identity crisis
online flea market or online costco?
A new focus on secondary market has attracted bulk sellers
Smaller sellers of high value or sellers goods whose intrinsic value is uncertain, are worse off
Tweaked search ordering algorithm favours powersellers
Strategy of growth through acquisitions has seen the company expand but eBay the e-commerce site still suffers Are there any
other solutions eBay
should consider?

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Payment systems and physical delivery mechanisms to facilitate the development of e-commerce transactions were well-developed in other markets, but were simply lacking in China....

eBay and Buy are all e-commerce sites

Social Commerce The increased interest of social media usage has led numbers of company and business to provide new experiences for their customer to leverage media platforms to make more efficient and effective purchases (Rad, 2010)....

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In industrial revolution era, the cost of doing business was big and characterized small transactions that needed high specialization involving intermediaries....