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Board of Education (1954) is discussed by Friend and Bursuck as a "case establishing the principle that school segregation denies some students equal educational opportunity ...

In a full general education classroom of students, a teacher must teach to an array of students.

I’m not talking about curricula or the culture wars, the closing or opening of the American mind, political correctness, canon formation, or what have you. I’m talking about the whole system in which these skirmishes play out. Not just the Ivy League and its peer institutions, but also the mechanisms that get you there in the first place: the private and affluent public “feeder” schools, the ever-growing parastructure of tutors and test-prep courses and enrichment programs, the whole admissions frenzy and everything that leads up to and away from it. The message, as always, is the medium. Before, after, and around the elite college classroom, a constellation of values is ceaselessly inculcated. As globalization sharpens economic insecurity, we are increasingly committing ourselves—as students, as parents, as a society—to a vast apparatus of educational advantage. With so many resources devoted to the business of elite academics and so many people scrambling for the limited space at the top of the ladder, it is worth asking what exactly it is you get in the end—what it is we all get, because the elite students of today, as their institutions never tire of reminding them, are the leaders of tomorrow.

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Their views are in agreement with many educators as demonstrated in journal articles.

We must remember that our decisions in regard to the education of students with disabilities will affect real children and are not just hypothetical situations.

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EnhancingEducation through Cultural Diversity- In today's general public, social differing qualities is essentialas it was numerous hundreds of years back. As per lexicon, socialassorted qualities is the conjunction of various society, ethnic,race, sexual orientation in one particular unit. All together, forAmerica to be effective, our reality must be a multicultural world.

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Collectivismand Cultural Diversity- Culture has been an unavoidable piece of humankind since the startof progress. Wood (2010), educator of interchanges, characterizessociety as "the totality of convictions, qualities,understandings, practices, and methods for translating knowledge thatare shared by various individuals".

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CulturalDiversity, Religion and Atheism- Many individuals have a supposition about the general way of theuniverse and about the part which mankind plays in the universe(Taylor, 2003). For instance, "What are we doing here" and"What will transpire after we pass on?" The dominant partof us don't have the foggiest idea about the responses to theseinquiries.

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This was a practice designed to get the students with disabilities out of their categorical classrooms and back into general education for "specials" (Music, Art, and Physical Education) , but for the most part the students were still separate and segregated within their schools.