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English 100 is an introduction to the critical thinking and reading skills needed to succeed in writing at the college level. In addition to these skills, the class focuses on writing as a process and grammar. Critical thinking and reading are stressed through close readings of texts followed by written answers to questions on those texts. Students are introduced to college-level writing in a graduated approach to the process of writing. Classes and assignments focus on such mechanical issues as prewriting, rewriting, editing, and proofreading. The traditional five-paragraph argumentative essay is emphasized. Students are expected to write formal essays with introductions, three or more supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. Students are also introduced to the elements of traditional English grammar. Students are urged to participate enthusiastically and consistently. Attendance is mandatory at all classes. You are allowed TWO absences during the term. Upon the third absence, fifty (50) points will be deducted from your semester total of points. For every absence after the third, fifty (50) additional points will be deducted. If you have five absences before mid-term, you should strongly consider dropping the course. A pattern of unexcused absences may result in failure of the course. Failure to complete assignments on time or to prepare for class will result in lowered grades. There will be no make-up assignments except in extreme cases. Plagiarism constitutes grounds for failure of the course. Familiarize yourself with which is found in the . According to Harper's Academic Honesty Policy, "Plagiarism involves the presentation of another person's words, ideas, or work as one's own. It includes but is not limited to copying any material (written or non-written) without proper acknowledgement of its source, and paraphrasing another's work or ideas without proper acknowledgement. . . . Any form of academic dishonesty as defined by the faculty member or department is a serious offense requiring disciplinary measures. Discipline for academic dishonesty involving a specific course shall be first determined by the instructor of the course and may include failure of the specific assignment, project or test or failure of the course" (26).

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Course objective (College Reading 100): Todevelop the ability to think and analyze by engaging in the reading of varioustypes of literature and non-fiction. Basic expository Writing and EnglishComposition 101:To teach students towrite formal and informal interpretive essays and to develop ideas throughclass discussion and other activities.

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