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Leighton Rowell, a senior majoring in history and Romance languages, excels in the classroom, but her academic prowess has allowed her the opportunity to defend essays in Oxford, stargaze in Morocco and pray in the temples of Bali

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The major enables an appreciation of diversity, expands international awareness, equips students with critical and analytical skills, and provides background for working with women in public and private sectors. Courses are available in gender, race, class, sexuality, feminist theory, research, literature, history, sociology, performance, politics, and many more. The annual campus Women’s Studies Student Symposium further supplements student learning.

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''It continues to fascinate me that my area of research, which examines how gender and race impact education and learning, is so central yet so under-examined. Whether you are looking at how female philosophers of ancient Greece were routinely excluded from historical re-telling or how today's popular media miseducates the public about women, there is much to be explored–and that means that the possibilities are limitless. I want students to see that we are living in a global community and that we have a commitment to be good citizens and lifelong learners in this expansive neighborhood.''