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Newman (Emeritus), China Institute & the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta Multimedia Sounds of New Zealand English Lessons (Text, Images & Audio/Sound).

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I am a professional linguist and a Christian missionary,working in indigenous Amerindian languages. My work has nothing to do withEnglish, so that is why this project is just a hobby.

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This course looks at how speakers ofEnglish use language directly and indirectly to achievecommunicative goals, and introduces students to the main theories ofpragmatics, different approaches to Politeness and Impoliteness Theory, aswell as topics ranging from forensic linguistics to world Englishes. Studentsdevelop the skills to apply corpus analysis tools to investigate anddescribe pragmatic and discourse phenomena, and to related what is studied toreal-world examples of language in use.

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No large-scale, authoritative reference grammar of Middle English has appeared since ; this work, which deals with phonology only, was in itself the first volume of a projected larger work. Moreover, the field of Middle English language studies has changed irrevocably with the methodological insights published since the 1950s by the co-workers of the Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English (; henceforth LALME). These insights, of course, formed part of much larger developments within linguistics, with the rise of text- and use-based approaches as well as the concept of variability as a natural characteristic of language. With the arrival of easily accessible computer technology, making possible the systematic study of large amounts of data, including text corpora, the task facing a grammarian of Middle English has changed out of recognition. A new attempt at producing a reference grammar, taking into account these developments, is thus in order.

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This module is assessed by a compulsorythree-hour written exam. It covers a range of topics in English linguistics,and in the exam students will be required to answer questions on two ofthese topics. Options typically include:

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Students choose to specialise in either CorpusLinguistics or English in Use after one term of seminars. Both30-credit courses are taught in two-hour long weekly seminars over twoterms, and are assessed by a 6,000 word Course Essay on a topic of thestudent's choice.

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The question of Middle English syllable boundaries is an extremely complex one. Important changes took place during this time, largely connected to the loss of final unstressed vowels. To take a simple example, the syllabic analysis of the word appearing in the written form time will be very different depending on whether we assume a final vowel to be pronounced or not. To define syllable boundaries is therefore not something that can be done before analysing the data as a whole; instead, the spelling units need to be defined in as transparent a way as possible, that involves no linguistic analysis beyond the identification of vowels and consonants.