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In addition to linking theory to practice, another benefit of an internship “may be a change in the significance students place on traits that are important to obtain professional employment” (Green et al., 2011, p. 100). Before starting an internship, students have preconceived notions of what the field will be like and what character traits will be important to employers. Gaining that experience and workplace exposure allows the student to determine what traits and characteristics are actually valuable when it comes to being successful in a job or internship. Internship experiences destroy the fantasy of preconceived notions and allow interns to learn more about “work and working with others, their own strengths and weaknesses as future employees, as well as the nature of their potential future careers” (Liu et al., 2011, p. 98). Once these personal, academic, and professional discoveries are made, they give interns the experiences and knowledge they need to succeed in class, at work, and at play.

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Having a mentor or adviser to assist in internship reflection can help the student see his or her experiences from another perspective. Kolb (1984) indicated that learners must have “the opportunity to reflect on and observe experiences from many perspectives” (Stedman et al., 2006, p. 256). Encouraging students to examine issues that arose in the internship from a variety of different perspectives can help students better understand the actions, feelings, and reactions that occurred. In addition, this knowledge can help students reflect on better ways to handle future situations in the workplace. Allowing students to find their own answers and make their own discoveries is crucial, but advisers can play a pivotal role in sparking student reflection by asking reflective questions and providing encouragement.

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I have solidified my career goals and formed incredible connections. Thanks to this unique and irreplaceable experience in D.C., I have developed skills as a researcher and can move forward with confidence.

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It seems however that this opportunity was made for me --- immigration law seems to be a combination of several of my interests, including that of law, exploring different cultures and meeting new people from those cultures, helping others, and my love for the Spanish language and culture.

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The ten weeks I spent at the office as an intern opened my eyes to a whole new world of professional possibilities, and to all the Spanish I had yet to learn!

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My internship consisted of a myriad of tasks, including answering the phone and handling most of the Spanish calls, translating such documents as birth and marriage certificates, tracking cases lost in the mazes of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and even meeting with clients and working on cases, start to finish.

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For many students, internships are an important part of the college experience. The internship has virtually become a rite of passage for students nearing the end of their undergraduate careers, as evidenced by required internship programs at numerous universities. Academic advisers often have the opportunity to work with students before, during, and after their internship experiences. It is common practice for advisers to help students plan coursework so that students can participate in internships as well as communicate with students while they are enrolled in the internship. However, the focus of this article addresses how academic advisers can help students reflect on their internship experiences after they return to campus. The purpose of this article is to highlight the values of internships, discuss the importance of students’ reflections on their internship experience, and share tips for advisers seeking to facilitate student reflection.