Says the 4 main reasons for youth gun violence.

Youth gun violence is concentrated among feuding gangs and criminally active groups. The Boston interagency group examined the circumstances of the youth gun and knife murders and found that nearly two-thirds were gang-related. Most of the murders were not linked to drug dealing or other “business” interests; instead, most resulted from relatively long-standing gang feuds. In Minneapolis, nearly two-thirds of youth murders between 1994 and 1997 were gang-related. In the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles, slightly less than two-thirds of youth gun homicides were gang-related. Another 25 percent involved gang members as victims or offenders, but were motivated for reasons other than gang rivalries.

Of the 33,000 people who die from gun violence in this country each year, how many could be saved?

"Attorney General Sessions has said that it's a priority of his to enforce the existing laws. I agree that we should enforce the laws on the books about dangerous people in possession of firearms" said Avery Gardiner, co-president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

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Says the 4 main reasons for youth gun violence." alt="Reasons for gun violence.

Kristin Brown, co-president of the Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence in Washington, D.C., accused events like the SHOT show of adding to the national problem of weapons and violence.

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While gun control statistics, and merely the fact that guns are used in so many violent crimes, makes it easy to point fingers, the problem is not that simple.

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When people like the idea of stronger and more enforcing restrictions on guns in this country, there are gun control statistics that will point to the fact that gun violence is something that is prevalent in our country and that without stronger restrictions this country will simply downward spiral into a society that fully supports guns in any way possible.

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Various measures have been undertaken to curb this problem of gun violence in the society. One of the effective measures is the Ceasefire program that treats gun violence like the infectious disease. It adopts methods to curb the violence at its roots to prevent its spread into the masses. These involve identification of disputes in the initial stages to prevent the eruption of violence. They refer to this as an interruption of violence since this ensures it does not erupt in cases of disagreements. Behavior change is also part of their agenda, since this would permanently solve the problem in question. Changing of social norms that condone gun violence is also an essential part of the program, though it requires a lot of time for effectiveness since it is a gradual process. If the program runs as is intended, the positive change will be as infectious as the spread of gun violence.

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If an infectious disease is not treated, it continuously spreads until the cure is administered. This is the case for gun violence. If not stopped, the offenders provoke the victims who respond in a violent manner. This scenario replicates itself in the society until someone, police for example, intervenes. However, the police’s efforts have not been enough to completely eradicate this problem since they do not address the source of the problem but instead concentrate on punishing the offenders. Gun violence is like an eruption triggered by the first time offender, then the victim who responds in the same manner and any other aggrieved party that is bound to respond in the same manner. This may have negative implications on the psychological health of the society and it may result in mental health problems that again contribute to the rising number of violent incidents.