Essay about sociology and anthropology major

This paper discusses how the finding in the article relate to established anthropological theories, and it disputes the “sex-strike” theory used by the article’s authors.

Essay about sociology and anthropology development

The paper examines the difficult and problematical aspects of the relationship between anthropology and economic development and concludes with an examination of the limits that block a complete scientific understanding and guidance of the development process.

Essay on Relationship Between Sociology and Education

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Includes the "first wave" of feminism in anthropology in the 1800's, the modern movement of feminism in anthro since 1971, growth of doubt that the fieldworker can ever be "neutral," similarities and conflicts between feminist school and the self-consciously "post-modern" school that peaked in the late 1980's, and a survey of recent attitudes toward and treatments of the objectivity/subjectivity problem in fieldwork.