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Lesson 2.2 Case study
L.R. is a 43-year-old female with a history of mood swings that have become progressively more debilitating over the past several years. She is currently in an ?up? mood and feels she is doing fine. However, her husband says he is worried because she is spending a lot of money on various things and is not sleeping at night. Sometimes she won?t sleep all night, and she will have just a short nap in the afternoon. She is otherwise physically well and has no other significant past medical history.
Critical Thinking Questions:
What medications might be considered as treatment for this patient, and why?

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Lesson 3.2 Case study
E.J. is a 24-year-old teacher and avid mountain biker. She considers herself very healthy as she exercises regularly (5 day/week aerobic workouts; resistance training 3 sessions/week); follows a strict vegan diet (she stopped eating all meat and dairy products ~ 3 years ago d/t health and ethical reasons); doesn?t smoke and has no more than 1 glass of wine/meal ~ 4 times/week. She takes OCPs and a daily MVI. She presents to your clinic with ?no energy.?
Critical Thinking Question:
What are your recommendations for this patient for a management plan, given the diagnosis?