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Any work (book, address, essay, etc.) presented or published in 2012 or subsequently will be eligible for consideration for the 2019 Award. Nominations are invited from religious organizations, appropriate academic associations, religious leaders and scholars, presidents of universities or schools of religion, publishers and editors of scholarly journals. Self-nominations will not be accepted or considered. There will be no discrimination based on religious affiliation or belief or lack thereof. The Award Committee encourages submissions from a wide variety of intellectual and/or religious perspectives. Previous winners are not eligible for subsequent awards.

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Don’t let a couple essays hold you back from academic success. Our editors are ready to fine tune any number of essays you might have. Using our editors will make sure that you get the grades you deserve. The more you use our editors the more time you save for all the other important work. Watch as your grades begin to rise to levels that will truly make a difference in your future.

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We perform all those essay editing services and more. In fact, we offer many academic editing services, tailored to the context: admissions essay editing, , , , and MBA essay editing, among others.

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After offering the above online essay editing services, we zoom all the way out to obtain a holistic view, or a sense of the big picture, asking the following questions:

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The most important part of the essay is the opening paragraph. The rest of the essay is built around proving your opening paragraph, so you know it has to be a good one. Thankfully our editors are masters of the opening paragraph. They’ll help to make your opening statement concise and powerful, so that readers are eager to read the rest of your essay. They’ll also make sure that what is claimed in the opening is backed up by the evidence presented in the body of your essay.

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Polished Paper provides affordable on-demand English essay editing and proofreading services for students of all language levels. We offer an array of turnaround times and prices to meet any timeline and/or budget. Whether a 120-page master’s thesis, a 1-page response essay, or anything in-between, our professional essay editors are standing by to make your good paper great.

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Following the opening paragraph, your conclusion is the next most important piece of your essay. The conclusion is what your readers will remember from your essay. If its weak, the person grading your essay could be left with a unfairly negative view of your essay. Hire our editors and that won’t be a problem. We’ll make sure your conclusion not only accurately sums up essay, but also ends your essay in a way that will be memorable.

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When our editors proofread your paper you know that it will be free from errors and misspellings, but it goes beyond that. Our editors will make sure your argument is shone in the best light possible. They’ll make sure that the body of your essay supports your opening paragraph and brings closure to the question asked there. We’ll also help with the flow of your essay, making sure each paragraph naturally flows into the next one. The last thing you want is an essay that doesn’t go anywhere, we’ll make sure your tires aren’t spinning in the mud.