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Employment in business, industry, or government positions is increasingly requiring a broad background in the biological sciences. Opportunities for work in biology and agriculture are expected to grow as the increasing human population demands more food, fiber, wood products, health care, and environmental stewardship.


The curriculum addresses critical environmental issues from a business and scientific perspective. Students are trained to understand and appreciate the non-economic aspects of resource and environmental problems, including social, ecological, physical, and legal considerations, all while serving as members of interdisciplinary teams involved in resource and environmental management, planning, and analysis.

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College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (often completing a minor in the process)

Required Pre-Business courses include macro- and microeconomics, the legal and regulatory business environment, information systems, and two accounting courses. Supplemental courses are available in human resource economics, music business, entrepreneurship, computer programming, data management, and others.

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Career opportunities are available in a variety of areas including urban design, city planning, environmental planning, historic preservation, and recreation. Private and public agencies with large amounts of land regularly employ landscape architects (e.g. Disney, the National Park Service, Parks & Recreation departments, botanical gardens, universities, etc.). Graduates often pursue further study, and/or certification with the state of Georgia after 18 months of professional practice.

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The Certificate in Legal Studies is designed to provide a foundation for the complex legal environment of business as well as allow those interested in pursuing law school a chance to gauge their interest in the field. Students who have taken LEGL 2700/LEGL2800H Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business and who maintain a GPA of 3.0 are encouraged to apply.

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Career opportunities include consultants, business owners, engineers, environmental protection agents, graduate students, bankers, farmers, teachers, or any other profession in agricultural and environmental sciences.

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The Health Promotion major at the UGA includes coursework in public health, human anatomy and physiology, biostatistics, policy, environmental health, and others. First aid and CPR certification is required, along with a field experience or internship. Students build skills to assess and address individual and community needs, organize community action and build coalition, and implement and manage health education programs.