There are numerous distinctions between management and leadership.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Management from UGA emphasizes working with and through groups toward common mission, goals, and objectives; written and oral communication skills; and creative problem-solving in an increasingly complex and global business environment. Courses in operations management, organizational behavior, ethics, human resources, leadership, and strategic management build core competencies required by managers for the twenty-first century. (Refer to the Pre-Business major for information on applying.)

It takes good strong leadership and management to guide an organization to success.

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Leadership Management and system thinking

While many people consider management and leadership to be synonymous they are in reality two different concepts.

Leadership is a prerequisite for effective management without leadership skills one cannot be an effective manager” Tappen (1985). For the purpose of this assignment the types and characteristics of leadership will be discussed. The author will briefly review the theories of leadership. Particular emphasis will be placed on the difference between transactional and transformational leadership and how it is relevant in modern nursing. The author will also explore why nursing leadership and management is vital in today’s healthcare environment and how changes in healthcare have influenced leadership and management in modern nursing.

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Transactional Leadership
The transactional leader does not possess the previously names qualities. The characteristics of a transactional leader include the following principles; the transactional leader is more like the traditional manager, responsible for the day to day management of tasks. They focus on achieving the task at hand and maintaining the status quo. They are in a caretaker role and have no vision for the future and shared values are not identified . The transactional leader expects staff to carry out work in exchange for payment. The transactional manager can positively or negatively influenence organisational structure.

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Reflect on an experience of change at the workplace. Critically analyse the change management process. Use Gibbs model of reflection. Compare the process with current ideas and theories from the literature about effective change management and leadership. Include the following topics in the reflection on experience of change
– Leadership and management styles and workplace culture
– Motivating individuals and teams
-Achieving organisational goals and planning
– Managing resistance, power and conflict resolution
– Application of change management theory
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Healthcare organizations are undergoing enormous changes. Health policies for example ‘’The Health Strategy. Quality and Fairness (2001) and the Commission on Health Funding (1989), The Management Development Strategy (1996) have a major influence on the delivery of health care. Nurse managers and leaders are being affected by these changes. One of the goals of the Health Strategy is high performance. The Management Development Strategy (1996) established the Office of Health Management. It influences the recruitment and selection of nursing personnel and the decentralization of decision making. It promotes individual performance appraisal and leadership and management development. The implications of these have major influence on nursing management resources and the leadership skills required.