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Ex. 1 have always wanted to show how I could become a first-class doctor if only I could have a chance. I would show how I could aid the suffering in my community when I had my medical degree. I think the medical profession is one in which I want to excel, so I have spent all my spare time studying so that I would have all the knowledge that I need.

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Sandra Nagy
Reprinted with Permission from the Summer 1997 issue of , pp. 30-33.

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From knowing how to approach the admissions board, writing a great (AMCAS essay) to obtaining strong letters of recommendation, prospective medical students have to hit their marks in order to get into the medical school of their choice.

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Since the medical school application essay is only one page, it needs to have a focus— perhaps a single word that sunis up all your qualities, or a single scene that triggered your desire to become a doctor. Such a framework ensures a sense of completeness to the essay.

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Writing the medical school application essay, condensing all that is unique about yourself into a single page, allowing your personality to show through every word, demonstrating in a small space all the motivation, eagerness, and joy you will bring to the medical profession—this work creates an anxiety that builds with every rewrite. Although this task will never be simple, it need not be an unguided, unstructured labor. Having worked with many pre-med students to find their voice amid a welter of words, I have developed a set of common errors. To add a touch of humor, I have created a set of medical writing problems and indicated possible cures for these mythical maladies.

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