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Most of the people think of names for their future kids when they are teenagers themselves. That’s quite funny but it gives an idea of how much anybody awaits for this moment. We see tiny toddlers in buses and on streets where their parents are out for a stroll and that little bundle of joy give so much happiness just by a little smile of theirs. So imagine how much happiness could your own child give by just coming into this world? The idea is pretty amazing, isn’t it? The birth of a child marks as a huge life event for anybody and also a total life changer but besides this, it is also one of the most incredible moments you will ever have in your life.

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Remember those butterflies you used to get every single time you would see that special somebody? Trying too hard to look attractive but turning out to be total clumsy? First love does have a charm about it. The sweet ‘good morning’’ text messages, the coffee shop dates, and then finally one day you gather the courage to propose them and it’s a YES! That moment is one where you just feel like the time could freeze so that you can live your whole life in that one wonderful moment. You want to dance, sing cheerful songs and enjoy that splendid moment with your partner.

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I hardly know anyone who genuinely likes studying. If you talk about the nerds, even they must have thought of getting over with this education thing at least once in their school or college life. Talking about a usual student, we literally struggle to pass our tests so that we can move on to the higher grade and finally take our degrees and get freedom someday! So the day when you actually get there, dressed in your academic coat throwing off your cap, is surely a memorable one and also one of the happiest moments in your life. Not just because you got over with your studies but the moment also has a bunch of good feelings attached to it like getting out of the shell and starting over a completely new life.

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Life. Can you describe it in a word, in a sentence, in a paragraph? Nobody can as there is nothing constant about it, everything keeps changing. The phase of life you are going through right now will not be the same after some time. At times it seems easy and enjoyable, at other times it’s just plain messy. But there sure are some highlights, few moments we look upon even after many years have passed. Moments that have captured a part of our souls in them. The moments where we actually felt happy from inside. It might be a huge life turning point or just a little gesture did by someone, but the happiness derived from it is substantial. Let’s have a look at few such moments that are the most precious in a person’s life, or you may call them as the happiest moments!

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Standing on our own feet and being independent. All of us want that and the first job is like the very first step for getting there. The moment you get your appointment letter in your hands which wanders off all the fears about future and ensures you that you are going to be just fine. You feel confident, capable and full of zest. This definitely marks as one of the happiest moments for me.