Necessity [is] the mother of invention.

Previously, inventions were made because of the basic needs. Fire was created to avoid darkness, using fire food was made tasty, to face wild animals weapons were created, to rescue from hot and cold man created clothes, idea of cropping came in someone’s mind and using wood people started making house for shelter. These were previous and basic inventions by the human kind. Later on, to make life smooth and easy, people invented wheel, railway engine, electric bulb, telephone, glider, television, printing press and many more. Needs of human never ended that compels people to invent or create something new and useful. The process of inventions has been going on since centuries and nobody knows that for how long it will continue further.

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They were invented by Zia Chishti and developed with the help of a team of engineers.

For an excellent analysis of economic motives interwoven in the American quest for hegemonic power in Asia as well as ideological-driven rationales, see Noam Chomsky, At War with Asia: Essays on Indochina (New York: Vintage Books, 1970; republished, Chico, CA: AK Press, 2004).

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Invention happens to fulfil the need of people in some manner to make them comfortable and to provide them a kind of security in life. Without necessity inventions are not possible. Use of inventions should be in right manner so that it can be beneficial for all and does not affect people negatively.

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To give you an example which will enable you to understand forlornness better, I shall cite the case of one of my students who came to see me under the following circumstances: his father was on bad terms with his mother, and, moreover, was inclined to be a collaborationist; his older brother had been killed in the German offensive of 1940, and the young man, with somewhat immature but generous feelings, wanted to avenge him. His mother lived alone with him, very much upset by the half-treason of her husband and the death of her older son; the boy was her only consolation.

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