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Every scholarship is different and the sponsor is different. As we stated above, you need to treat applying for the scholarship like you would applying for a specific job for a specific organization. You need to get to know the organization and what the organization is looking for in a candidate. We will use a quote from a Union Plus Scholarship website. " Applicants for scholarships are evaluated according to academic ability, social awareness, financial need, and appreciation of labor."

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Applying for a scholarship is a lot like applying for a job. For a job, you have to pay attention to the job posting. You have to address in a cover letter, resume, and interview all the skills and requirements listed within the job posting. The same is true for scholarships. Often, the sponsor of the scholarship will list requirements and qualities that they expect out of the candidate applying for their specific scholarship. You have to read the scholarship application, CAREFULLY. You need to sell yourself to the sponsor. You have to make sure that the sponsor feels comfortable that you are the best candidate worthy of the financial award. Here are some tips for the application process.

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Estrella Mountain Community College will not give you an entire essay as an example, but they do give advice on the starting paragraph for four paragraphs of a scholarship essay. The advice for each paragraph is very helpful. You do not need the entire essay to see how you would fill in each paragraph.

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