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Literally meaning "separateness," legalized and institutionalized racism. Each person was assignedinto a strictly racial category (White, Asian / Indian, Colored,Black / African) and was treated -- where (s)he could live, study,work, travel, entertain, and whom (s)he could marry -- accordingto a hierarchical system that enshrined the supriority of theWhites. The National Party won the 1948 elections by a platformof . Once in power, the NP government graduallyimplemented the policy, which resulted in international economicembargo against South Africa.

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We find that a one percent increase in the rate of growth of income causes on average poverty to drop by 3.7% at the $2 per day poverty line and by 1.3% at the $1 per day poverty line.

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The South African government works hard to bring down the rate of poverty but it also seems to increase as they try.

Among these reforms, the most important have consisted of achieving structural transformation of the South African economy through technology advancements, improving skills by investing massively in human capital through education and training, reducing income inequality across racial groups through access to programs that facilitate the acquisition of skills by the left offs of the Apartheid rather than through massive income redistribution, liberalizing the labor markets and the formation of labor unions, privatizing statal and para-statal corporations and abolishing monopolies in public services, liberalizing trade and capital movements, promoting new investment through tax incentives, promoting private initiative, reducing or at least freezing government expenditures, reducing poverty, and so on.

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Former President Nelson Mandela implored his countrymen tobuild a "."South Africa has a a very diverse population and a multiculturalsociety. Scholars surmise that ""-- defined as "the odds that any two persons will differin their race, religion, ethnicity (tribe), or langauge"-- poses challenge to democracy, because it makes political compromiseand accommodation more difficult. South Africa's multiculturalismindex is 87 -- surpassed only by such diverse nations as Indiaand Nigeria. According to the most recent (1996) census figures,76.7% of the population are Black / African, 10.9% are White,8.9% are Colored (mixed race), and 2.6 % are Asian / Indian. Thereare eleven official languages. The same census shows that thefive most commonly-spoken languages at home are IsiZulu (22.9%of population), IsiXhosa (17.9%), Afrikaans (14.4%), Sepedi (9.2%)and English (8.6%).

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To understand further the desperate living conditions of runaway children in Africa, disease and poverty must be examined, previous home life must be considered, and the conditions of life on the street must...

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In the space that follows, I will emphasize several pointsthat summarize my trip. I have selected only a few photos frommore than nine rolls to help me organize my comments along thesemain themes: challenge of democracy, challenge of poverty, challengeof AIDS, and challenge of globalization. I am most interestedin the prospect of democracy in South Africa, given its domesticand global constraints.

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Starting with the first essay (Essay 1), South Africa has launched since the abolition of its Apartheid regime in 1994, a massive program of education and training, which has been financed through resources representing annually and on average 21% of the national budget or 7% of GDP.