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I have had numerous dreams come true. I can tell upon wakening which ones really mean something. Sometimes, it takes me several days of pondering to figure out a meaning and then there are those that I just instantly understand. However, I must add that I am a Christian and during the course of the pondering, there is praying for understanding. Without going on and on, oh, the dreams that have come true. Since I am kind of a rebel, I also think God gives me dreams as a warning sometimes. There was one dream that involved a move to a place that I never, ever would have desired to move to, but less than a year later, there we were. Yes, good came from it, but if I hadn’t had that dream, feeling that God had a plan for that time in our lives, I would have gone nuts.

 If I could teach anyone anything it would be to follow your  and try to make them come true.

Assuming these were ‘pleasant’ dreams, couldn’t it be implied that a person might be more likely to recall that dream and work toward making that specific dream come true, either consciously or un?

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All my dreams come true. I’m walking in them, and at most 8 hours later, there I am, walking around. It’s freeeeaky, I tell you.

Eight-eight percent of readers could recall a dream of the future that remained unfulfilled and a whopping 33 percent could recall a dream that had come true. Most importantly, as the figure below demonstrates, dreams that readers reported had come true tended to be much older (the white bars) than dreams that had not (the black bars).

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This is a bit like staring at a tree branch and willing it to move with one’s mind: one time in a thousand, the wind might move the branch in exactly the direction you are willing it to, but it might not be wise to take that event as evidence of your telekinesis. We can’t rule out the possibility, however, that the only reason dreams that haven’t come true are more recent is simply because we simply haven’t given those dreams enough time to come true!

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We also asked readers if they could recall a dream that did come true and to describe that dream, and if they could recall a dream that has not come true and to describe that dream. For both dreams, we asked readers to tell us how recently that dream occurred.

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It makes sense that the older you get, the more likely you are to report a dream “coming true”: in the course of a longer life, more things have happened to you, and you have had more dreams, thus increasing the chances of overlap.

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I think the dreams come true question is interpreted as not exactly that, rather as do you think there is truth in dreams? In the sense that they reveal truths about your life, not necessarily future events that will happen.

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On this day do something, anything, to move in the direction of achieving your dreams. Sure, sometimes it takes several steps to accomplish them. So view today as a time to get started on them. With a little effort, they will come true!