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The Tent Embassy which was a group of Aboriginal men who set up a beach umbrella on the lawn of the parliament house and held up a sign which read “Aboriginal Embassy”

who influenced the ideas of the Australian Civil Rights Movement
A person who influenced many Australians and thousands of other people was Martin Luther King Jr.

• ‘This paper will argue that a bill of rights is a good idea for Australia’.

First-generation, “civil-political” rights deal with liberty and participation in political life. They are strongly individualistic and negatively constructed to protect the individual from the state. These rights draw from those articulates in the United States Bill of Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen in the 18th century. Civil-political rights have been legitimated and given status in international law by Articles 3 to 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

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Both the US Civil Rights Movement and Australia Civil Rights Movement were successful, but the level of success varied.

Amazingly, more than 2 weeks since the Q and A episode on ABC in Australia and the Murdoch press is STILL printing detractions and character defamations about me. I must have said something right! I have never received so many emails and pledges of popular support while being so uniformly defamed by the journals. Wonder what Murdoch's memo said to get all his dogs to heel so obediently! Australians, like the rest of us, must take their power back from these corrupted and delusional monied interests. The environment, and the welfare of us all, lies in the balance. - Antony

In Australia, human rights are protected in different ways

Whilst Aboriginals were fighting for their land rights and also the rights of their children.
What was the US and Australia Civil Rights Movement?
The US Civil Rights Movement and Australian Civil Rights Movement were the fight for equal rights for people treated unfairly by the law and the people of the United States and Australia.

a strange political stoush over a bill of rights

Differences between the US and Australia Civil Rights Movement
Whilst many of the groups, movements and events that were inspired from either the US or Australia they all varied in their outcome and how they came about.

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People in Australia inspired by Martin Luther King
An Australian who was inspired by Martin Luther King work was Charles Perkins who during the time of the Civil Rights Movement was a University student at Sydney University.

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