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Korea and China, the closest on-the-rise Asian rivals, of which Nihonjin are logical descendants, are not even in the same ballpark as Nihon. I’ve spent time in both countries (Kankoku and Chugoku), and, Germany, and Australia, among others; not even close. I almost have to re-sanitize myself after I’ve left Nihon to visit those filth-boxes. I certainly de-sanitized after my recent trip down-under. I almost apologized to Nihon immigration for leaving. ;->.

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Read this essay and over 1,500,000 others like it now Higher Modern Studies Immigration and the USA Keir Lynch 5W1 June 2014 Every year, 700,000 immigrants move to the United States of America in search of a better life with the hope of one day living the American Dream.

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Nihonjin have historically been a warrior culture. It’s one of the aspects we ALL admire; i.e. Martial Arts. However, their most egregious offenses were post-industrialization. It was the en-vogue way to play the game: divide, conquer, rape and profit. Now, the game is disenfranchise (via bogus immigration policies and dubious corporate practices) and conquer. A shift from hard-power to soft-power. All industrial powers play this game. China and Korea are now in the ring. They can thank America and Nihon for their entry cards. Same end-game, different rules…

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My mother, Jean Lumb, nee Toy Jin Wong, was three years old on that infamous day, but almost a year would elapse before a government bureaucrat photographed her for this official document. After all, the Chinese Exclusion Act not only halted immigration; it also required that all Chinese, whether born in Canada (as my mother was) or abroad, to register for an identification card within one year of the passage of the new law.

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W.C. Wong served as chief editor of the Shing Wah Daily News, president of the Chinese Community Centre of Ontario, and president of the Guomindang in Toronto. He travelled regularly to Ottawa after World War Two as a member of a delegation whose members sought changes to the immigration laws that prevented family reunification.

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I wonder if the author of this article reads Japanese. There has been far more discussion of immigration both pro and con than this article would lead one to believe. Immigration and immigrants are not a single well-defined commodity. Without talking about immigrants from where, how selected, with what rights to bring in relatives of what degree, any discussion is pointless. Contrary to what the article says, Japan does have a history of immigration. During the Empire, a large number of Koreans and Taiwan Chinese moved to Japan voluntarily. (Forced labor was a tiny fraction of the flow.) Manchukuo (aka Manchuria) which was created by the Japanese military was explicitly a multicultural society. It is only post world war II that there has been an emphasis on a single ethnic mono-cultural Japan. The European record on immigration is very mixed. Sweden, France, Italy, and the UK have had very large scale “urban disturbances” (aka rioting) involving primarily immigrant populations. Many European countries have immigrant ghettos and slums. Is there some reason to think that Japan would handle immigrants better than European countries?