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Remember also that sometimes the criminal justice system links with other systems (health, welfare, education) to tackle particular crimes.

• It would be advisable to spend some time (perhaps the first one-third of the essay) describing the problem before looking at the system’s response to it.

• Most general books on criminology and criminal justice usually have chapters on these (but NOT our set textbook which looks more at the system in general and its parts).

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Ideas about how the system responds to each of the types of crime are provided below:
• For white collar and corporate crime, this would include specific legislation (proceeds of crime; whistle-blower legislation); investigative agencies (AFP, ACCC, ASIC, ICAC and CMC); and the role of self-regulation.

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this can be brief, paragraph or 2.-reasons why corporate crime is so prevalent in recent years.


Simpson and Piquero (2002) 'Low self-control, organizational theory, and corporate crime' Law & Society Review 36 (3) pp509-548.