Cesare Beccaria: Of Crimes and Punishments

Dostoyevsky’s Raskolnikov is not a straightforwardly sympathetic figure. A scabby law school dropout, he is abstract, broken, self-pitying and self-involved, and his predicament does little to provoke fellow-feeling. Sprawling in his garret, out of the bubbling cauldron of his social disaffection, vitriol and despair, he hatches a plan to plant an axe in a sour, scrimping old pawnbroker, who specialises in keeping the crumbling patrimonies of the downwardly mobile St Petersburg bourgeoisie intact.

The death penalty is the best way to control and reduce serious crime.

In the olden times harsh punishments were used as method to teach people the distinction between right and wrong. For example, in the past, both teachers and parents used physical punishment as an option to discipline children when they did something wrong. However, over time, punishment became very controversial to the point that psychologists and educators started rejecting its use. In spite of this, I strongly believe that some sorts of punishment are necessary to teach kids the difference between right and wrong.

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It is a punishment for public drunkenness; the name of it is somewhat misleading....

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An essay on crimes and punishments

Be these as they may, I assert that the punishment of a nobleman should in no wise differ from that of the lowest member of society.

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Essay on Crimes and Punishments

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Firstly, it is important to clarify that physical punishment must not be given at any moment. In other words, irrespective of children´s bad behaviour violence is not accepted under any circumstance. Nevertheless, some punishments such as refusing to give presents to children and restricting some benefits like play dates, the use of the TV, the Internet and any electronic device at home, as well as giving extra homework and social jobs such as helping other classmates and teachers and cleaning jobs during recess could be used by parents and teachers as lessons to show children that negative behaviour will always have a negative consequences.

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In this paper, I hope to explore some of the ways punishments were different, such as how many crimes had individual punishments, often times depending on how severe the crime was.

Essay on Crimes and Punishment by Cesare Beccaria

Often considered as the “Golden Age” in English history, England’s court systems became an essential part of society because cruel punishments were severe enough to strike fear into English citizens as well as demonstrating the influence and power of Queen Elizabeth’s rule.