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Two of these stories were "The Cask of Amontillado" and "The Raven." In these short stories Poe uses imagery in many different forms to enhance the mood and setting of the story.

Over the course of his life, he wrote hundreds of short stories and poems.

This especially holds true to the mind of Edgar Allan Poe, who through writing time and time again about his love and loss through both poetry and general prose, generates the story of his life.

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Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 19, 1809.

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most widely recognised authors of the modern generation and one of the seminal writers of the Dark Romantic style; indeed his catalogue of works have become ubiquitous in collections of literature used for teaching the subgenre and his stories and poems have influenced a plethora of popular culture, including: episodes of ‘The Simpsons’, the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and music such as Bob Dylan's song “...

and provide critical analysis of Poe's Poetry by Edgar Allan Poe.

Robert Patterson’s “Once upon a midnight dreary: The life and addictions of Edgar Allan Poe” is, as what the title suggests, all about the excesses and addictions of this celebrated American writer.

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Edgar Allan Poe was a famous detective story, science fiction, horror fiction, symbolism story and aestheticism story author in America, he was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts....

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In “Annabel Lee,” and “The Oval Portrait,” Edgar Allan Poe uses romance to illustrate the essence of death and misery and to illustrate elements in which the reader can actually feel that was is happening in the story is happening to them....

Edgar Allan Poe is considered the father of both the horror genre ..

Through looking at Edgar Allan Poe's life, we will understand what motivated him to write what he did, what the meaning was behind these works, and how this changed poetry.

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Most have approached the tale from a psychological viewpoint, which will make more sense to you after you read the text and check out our “Character Analyses.” There’s also been some criticism regarding the story’s typical Poe-ness; some feel that it is too formulaic and relies on stock Poe characters that can be found in any number of his stories.

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“Usher” was first published in 1839 in Burton’s and is pretty much typical Poe material: it tells the story of a sick brother and sister who… well, let’s not give the ending away.