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In this essay I will show you how Hitler used his vision to become the leader of Germany; as well as, how he implemented a vision for German expansion....

Even before he was in power in , Hitler demonstrated his hatred of the Jewish population.

So I did a little research to find out how people could make up such a story.

The claim that Adolf Hitler was Rizal’s progeny must be based on the following facts:

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In sombre tones, he announced the death of Hitler and his own succession as Fuhrer of the Reich.

And of course, even if Hitler had been vegetarian, likely everysingle other mass-murderer in history was not. If you werekeeping score, that would be, Vegetarian Mass Murderers: 1, andthen Non-Vegetarian Mass Murderers: 100's.

Adolf Hitler’s life began in Austria on April 20, 1889.

He was the fourth child of Alois and Klara Hitler Alois was a fifty one year old customs official of the Austrian empire, he retired when Adolf was six and died when Hitler was only fourteen years old and on top of that they were a poor family which probably made it harder when Alois died.

Throughout his childhood, Adolf Hitler was always in the spotlight.

Hitler formed an alliance with the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini on October 25, 1936. This alliance was later expanded to include Japan, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. They are collectively known as the Axis Powers. Then on November 5, 1937 at the Reich Chancellory, Adolf Hitler held a secret meeting and stated his plans for acquiring "living space" (Lebensraum) for the German people.

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Adolf was a great student all throughout primary school, even being a member in the school choir, but very shortly after going to college Adolf soon became rebellious and was failing many of he’s classes....

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On 12 March 1938, Hitler pressured his native Austria into unification with Germany (the Anschluss) and made a triumphal entry into Vienna. Next he intensified a crisis over the German-speaking Sudetenland district of Czechoslovakia. This led to the Munich Agreement of September 1938, which British prime minister Neville Chamberlain hailed as 'Peace in our time'. At Munich, Britain and France had weakly given way to his demands, averting war but failing to save Czechoslovakia. As a result of the summit, Hitler was s Man of the Year in 1938.