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Through tear-blurred eyes, I recognized the curlicue handwriting of Jill, a friend I had met just two months before. I later discovered that the older man was her father. Jill had seen the hurt little girl underneath the jaded thirty-something woman and decided to do something about it.

The boys’ toys however are mostly dark colors – blue, black, red, gray, or dark green.

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A year and a half ago my cousin and good friend died suddenly.

The colors typically used on either side are very stereotypical in themselves....

Another reason why people believe that Barbie isn’t good for children to own is that Barbie has a bad image, an overly sexualized and unhealthy image that subconsciously promotes girls to match her....

This concept is illustrated in the advertisements, used by LEGO.

Author Diane Levin suggests that, “people who are ‘good parents’ are completely desensitized by the violence they’ve been exposed to and are thus unable to foresee that violent movies and toys could lead to their own chi...

A tall Barbie house with an elevator.

In my opinion, the early childhood professional must model good health behaviors for children so they learn health behaviors at a young age and make them part of their daily routine.

There is usually soft furniture in infant play areas.

A pediatrician must not only be apprehensive about how to treat children who have been harmed by these toys, but they also must be aware of the research that is being done in order to protect their patients from this type of illness....

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Various parts, such as the microwave and stovetop, make noises, and the fridge and cabinets double as storage for the thirty-nine accessories that are included....

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In the course of developing safe and quality products, implementing and marketing other strategies, P’kolino Company aims at improving children’s play thus , improving sales by $51million (Bygrave and Andrew, 2008).

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To illustrate, one of LEGO ads introduces the concept of child with healthy mind, who doesn't watch violence and awful things on TV, because he/she plays with none violent and harmless LEGO toys.