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Graduate faculty are devoted to carrying out programmatic research. Many graduate students are funded as research associates. Faculty will want to know, does this student have the requisite technical and creative research skills to be a meaningful collaborator? Can s/he help me get my papers out in a timely fashion? Can s/he make a meaningful contribution to my research program? Is s/he entering graduate school with any well developed research skills?

I went threw millions of career choices before I came to the conclusion of a nurse.

This includes fields that students often have not considered as career options. Broadly speaking, these career fields can be broken into eight domains. Find out more about careers in each field including types of roles and responsibilities, skills and qualifications and experience required by clicking on each of the domain tabs. You will even find links to specific organisations that provide employment opportunities.

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There are many other things that are needed to be considered before choosing this career.

Psychology students spend a great deal of time learning about research methods and statistics. Even if you don’t particularly love the research process, learning more about how to gather, organize, analyze, and interpret data can be an important skill in a wide variety of careers. For example, educators, administrators, scientists, marketers, and advertisers often perform such tasks in order to make decisions, evaluate progress, and complete projects.

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Students are immersed in the conduct of research in clinical psychology and its application to the assessment and treatment of persons with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Many of our students conduct research with applied emphases, and they are encouraged to incorporate empirical research directly into their assessment, intervention, and treatment planning. For graduates who choose an academically or research-oriented career path, it is our goal that their research endeavors be informed by a fundamental understanding of basic psychological science, including psychopathology and a solid foundation of clinical skill and experience in the assessment and treatment of persons with psychological, emotional, and behavioral disorders.

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The Clinical Psychology Program at Temple University subscribes to the clinical scientist model and provides sound, rigorous training in clinical and research methodologies. The overarching mission of the program is to train creative and accomplished clinical scientists who produce, consume, and disseminate psychological science and who function successfully in academic, research, and applied settings. Doctoral students receive broad-based training in preparation for careers as researchers, educators, and scientifically minded clinicians. Coursework provides students with a solid theoretical and scientific foundation in the core areas of psychology and essential aspects of clinical psychology.

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One degree is that you can pursue a career path that is well-aligned to your passions and interests. A student who enjoys working with young children can specialize in developmental psychology with a focus on while another student who is fascinated by the aging process could earn a degree in the same subject with a focus on geriatrics.

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Detailssell. Lists do not. Do not rehash yourresume. Instead, choose a few experiences that wereparticularlymeaningful and/or can illustrate qualities that you want theadmissions committee to know. To succeed as illustrativeexamples, experiences must have the following 3 parts (you can't expectthe readers to fill in missing parts -- they have too many essays toread to spend time performing literary interpretation):