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Public health nursing is recognized as a specialty nursing area and is supported by the Quad Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations composed of: The Association of Community Health Nurse Educators (ACHNE); The Association of State and Territorial Directors of Nursing (ASTDN); The American Public Health Association, Public Health Nursing Section (APHA), and The American Nurses Association's Congress on Nursing Practice and Economics (ANA). The Quad Council of Public Health Nursing Organizations (Quad Council) provides voice and visibility for public health nurses, sets a national policy agenda on issues related to public health nursing and advocates for excellence in public health nursing education, practice, leadership, and research. National certification as an advanced public health nurse, board certified (APHN-BC) is available from the American Nurse Credentialing Center.

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This field includes Public Health Nursing, ..

• Wilde B, Starrin B, Larsson G, Larsson M.(1993). Quality of care from a patient perspective--a grounded theory study. Scand J Caring Sci. 7(2):113-20.

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Public Health Nursing History - Term Paper

There is no doubt that nursing is a profession with the essential ingredients of autonomy and accountability. It is true that the profession demands responsibilities than the past when the principle of a nurse was just to provide care and comfort. Today, a nurse is a client advocate, educator and manager. But little attention has been drawn to assess the real public perception about nurses. Although the patients seem to know better (than the past) about health care and demand more knowledge on their treatment options (Kubler – Ross, 1969), it is obvious that no common man thinks or does any analysis of a nurse until he needs one or is in a situation where he/she interacts with a nurse as in case of a hospital admission. Thus, there is little scope of the public staying updated on the professional developments in nursing practice. Hence, to the public, nursing is caring for someone in distress. They know that a caring nurse can give comfort and solace to someone in need. The public perceive a nurse as just someone who assists the doctor during and after treatment of the illness assisting the patient in keeping up his personal hygiene, giving the medications as prescribed by the doctor, dressing the wounds when there is a need ensuring the welfare of the patient. There are also people both male and female who are of the view that men have no business working in the field of nursing due to lack of capacity to care compared to a woman.

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Many public health nurses begin their practice with an Associate's degree. Most public health experts suggest that nurses wishing to specialize in public health continue their education and earn a baccalaureate degree in nursing at a minimum. Those nurses wishing to progress to supervisory and management positions should consider a graduate degree that qualifies them for APHN-BC certification. Nurses wishing to do research and program design or management will need doctoral preparation in nursing either as a DNP or PhD.