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In the article , Shapiro, Brown and Astin (2008) state that meditation is noted as contributing to enhanced cognitive and academic performance (including attention and concentration), management of academic stress, and the development of the “whole person.” All of these are factors involved in higher education and thus connections to higher education can be hypothesized; however, little research has looked specifically at the benefits of integrating meditation into higher education settings.

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One way to meet the rising demands of educational instruction is to implement a variety of technological multimedia into the curriculum....

This essay will cover only some of the forms that multimedia covers, like video games, music, and movies/videos, as well as discussing how the means of accessing these forms affect people’s personality development.

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Post-writing. Post-writing activities are consequent dimensions of the writing process that multimedia has facilitated. Editing and distributing with electronicfacilities adds new meaning to this portion of the writing process. An essay need not betwo-dimensional and linear as it has been in the past. Adding color, animation, images,audio, and video to a text can change the way information or investigation results aretransmitted and illustrated in a school setting. Already, students are presenting theresult of their work in multidimensional fashion in addition to the traditional writtenpresentation. Teachers will need to have access to a multimedia environment to properlyevaluate student works. Even the intended mode of distribution will play a role in theselection of the final set of activities. Distribution via the World Wide Web of studentwork will induce and entice more that the written essay. Multimedia class projects will beopen to constant review and reorganization of students intellectual production, a truepicture of real life writing process.

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Writing. Writing activities include composing and inscribing. In this stage, amultimedia environment can facilitate the process. Planning and outlining an essay withspecial software, making a rough draft with speech-recognition software, scanning text andimages, entering data directly on screen, as opposed to writing longhand and thentranscribing to the screen, are illustrations of multimedia potential for this stage ofthe writing process.

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In the classroom, these forms of inquiry are not employed as religious practices but as pedagogical techniques for learning through refined attention or mindfulness. Research confirms that these practices can offset the constant distractions of our multitasking, multimedia culture. Thus, intentional teaching methods that integrate the ancient practice of mindfulness innovatively meet the particular needs of today’s students.