“The Case against School Sports.” The Atlantic.

For example, our national athletes’ disappointment at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games which our country was unable to win any medals in sports competed also indicates that fresh new ideas and alternatives are needed to save as well as to improve the quality of sports in our coun...

 I can almost remember that day like it was yesterday, I awoke like on any other school day.

In order to become a sports trainer one must at minimum obtain a bachelor’s degree through an accredited athletic training program or attend school at a four year university and obtain a degree in sports training and management.

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It almost all schools today students must pass these tests to graduate from high school.

For a Tuesday night game against Duke in (for which there were enough seats, according to Mr. Collins, the Block O president), Ohio State students pitched tents along the outside wall of Schottenstein Center starting at 5 p.m. on a Sunday.

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An article last Sunday about the effect of big-time sports on college life misstated part of the name of an honor society that has 17 members from Ohio State. It is the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, not the National Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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To be sure, efforts to rehabilitate major college sports are not new. Amid much debate, an N.C.A.A. plan to raise scholarship awards by $2,000 was being reviewed this month. Some have seen it as the athletes’ due, for the money they bring in, and others as pay for play; some colleges have complained they can’t afford it.

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Persuade your reader that the point of view you have developed is well supported by the ideas and
information you present

ESL Essays have three main parts or stages:

The initial statement of the point of view that you have developed in response to the topic
(sometimes called the thesis statement).

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In the last 10 years, the number of college football and basketball games on ESPN channels rose to 1,320 from 491. This doesn’t include games shown by competitors: the Big 10 Network, Fox, CBS/Turner, Versus and . All that programming means big games scheduled during the week and television crews, gridlock and tailgating on campus during the school day.

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"Sideline rage" with parents behaving badly at youth sports events is such an epidemic, that 76% of respondents from 60 high school athletic associations said increased spectator interference is causing many officials to quit (Associated Press, 6/3/01).