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Patke National University of Singapore Benjamin wrote his essay on Surrealism during 1928, when the Surrealist movement was still in what André Breton called its transition from an "intuitive" to a "reasoning" phase.

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His essay "Surrealist Situation ofthe Object" (1935) remarks on how, "Unable to engage in the seeminglyfutile struggle with photography, painting was forced to retreat and reorganizeits ranks in an invulnerable position, under the necessity of visuallyexpressing internal perception".

Benjamin wrote his essay on Surrealism ..

They popularized surrealism by means of fashion, photography and advertising

For a quarter century, Tim Miller has worked at the intersection of performance, politics, and identity, using his personal experiences to create entertaining but pointed explorations of life as a gay American man—from the perils and joys of sex and relationships to the struggles of political disenfranchisement and artistic censorship. This intimate autobiographical collage of Miller's professional and personal life reveals one of the celebrated creators of a crucial contemporary art form and a tireless advocate for the American dream of political equality for all citizens.
Here we have the most complete Miller yet—a raucous collection of his performance scripts, essays, interviews, journal entries, and photographs, as well as his most recent stage piece . This volume brings together the personal, communal, and national political strands that interweave through his work from its beginnings and ultimately define Miller's place as a contemporary artist, activist, and gay man.