Extra Credit 1 Soul Food was a movie that my family loved to watch

The kids draw a picture of their favourite movie/food/etc. they choosewhich two to select and circle the appropriate word. No game here, justsomething for the kids to show off!

hard to give up what has brought the family together for a long time, just like the movie soul food

And Christ is glorified in a very strong prayer by our narrator Ahmad near the end of the movie. I was proud to see that… as well as this movie. “Soul Food” is one of the greatest African-American films of the 90's… if not ever! It’s a realistic and beautiful portrayal of family life that will hit each viewer close to home…

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In the movie “Food Inc” we saw how the food industry keeps their farmers under their control....

Dr. Ajala writes, “Once the study subjects began the DASH diet, African Americans in the program, although highly motivated, noted preference for traditional soul food as the reason why they did not follow all of the dietary restrictions.”

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What does it profit a man to gain his “soul food” and lose his life? This is the question to ponder in light of research that shows high blood pressure rates are highest among African-Americans, which is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, congestive heart failure, and kidney disease.

But what makes Southern food soul food

“Soul Food” contains intense and powerful scenes which contain a large amount of very strong language. It will be offensive to most Christians, but it is so realistically portrayed that the intensity of the scenes may override the usage of the profanity. Many characters also portray very negative attitudes. There are two sexual scenes shown in the film… one between husband and wife and one with a husband cheating on his wife (this scene in particular is graphic). Various other sexual situations are also prominent throughout this film. On a positive note, Director George Tillman does not sugar-coat the sin… the consequences of the sin are displayed in the film for God’s glory.

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Though participants, regardless of race, preferred unhealthy foods, African-Americans seemed to have a special attachment to their favorite soul food dishes.