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We bet you're thinking right about now, quirky characters and a road trip? Sounds like a recipe for an awesome movie. Shmoop totally agrees. Unfortunately, though, no movie has been made, and there doesn't appear to be one in the works. Although Walk Two Moons hasn't yet been made into a movie, that hasn't stopped fans from making their own film versions. You can spend an entire afternoon on YouTube watching these homemade movies. There must be something special about Walk Two Moons that makes everyone want to tell their own version of it. But don't take our word for it, .

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wrote Walk Two Moons in 1994. The following year it won the super big-time , which is an award many Young Adult writers dream of winning. She originally thought Walk Two Moons would be a "follow-up" to another book she had written called Absolutely Normal Chaos,which is about Mary Lou Finney (one of Sal's friends in this book). As she was writing, a new idea hatched – Phoebe Winterbottom. Phoebe came to life and started to take over the story.

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You've found your way to a fantastically delicious story. Walk Two Moons is a mystery, a quest, a love story, and a portrait of America all rolled into one. Our awesome narrator is a girl named Salamanca Tree Hiddle. Sal goes on a six-day road trip with her grandparents to find her mother in Idaho. While on the road, she entertains her grandparents with a story about her friend Phoebe and Phoebe's missing mother. Gradually, Phoebe's story and her own story come together. Lunatics, snakes, kissing – this book has it all.