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@Bruce:"In other words, it's hacking. Cyber-espionage is a form of cyber-attack. It's an offensive action. It violates the sovereignty of another country, and we're doing it with far too little consideration of its diplomatic and geopolitical costs." Intelligence of 21 century due to new technologies of collecting information could not be mainly restricted to Humint and Osint. Intelligence including penetration like CNE w i t h o u t planting time bombs or other destructive (actual or delayed) activity to the network or target tied to it are not cyber-attack in the sense which required retaliation within cyber space only or by kinetic force as well. If you change in previous sentence 'w i t h o u t' to 'w i t h', then it it cyber attack as you suggested. Now, Intelligence is break down not only by means, but by the nature (target) of collected information. That is why exist CIA and DIA, not just one Agency. Set of targets of cyber-espionage may escalate CNE to CNA even without (see above) based on nature of the targets (military secrets related to actual defense capabilities, locations/operation procedures/etc. of strategic military /defense /offence objects) because their place on the top of National Security and in the core of its infrastructure. That area is not yet clearly defined and required very cautious steps moving forward to develop the whole framework of cyber war with final step as International Convention like with WMDs. But it order to work, as the first step, it should be accepted the idea that International Law is equally applied to and respected by all parties involved. That is my point.

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But eventually the thoughts became so intense and prevalent that Sarah called every mandatory reporter she knew, and was admitted to the hospital on suicide watch.“I think part of it is – if someone is trained in something, that’s how they want to fix it,” Sarah told CNA.“If you’re trained in spirituality then you want to use spirituality to fix it.

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