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The key to planning your IB Theory of Knowledge essay is to make sure you understand the ToK examiners' assessment objectives.

Your ToK essay must be planned so as to harvest the various types of marks which the examiners are able to award.

I offer a personal ToK essay planning service that helps you integrate your own learning and knowledge experiences into your essay.

In a one-to-one online planning tutorial we then identify the areas of knowledge, and knowledge issues, most relevant to the chosen essay.

At the end of the tutorial you have a detailed, personalised essay plan.

I'm planning to write my senior essay in PLSC 480 (One- T erm Senior Essay).

Don’t let essays daunt you. As long as you have the right working frame and mindset you can boost your writing and results. Here are some useful hints and tips that can help you plan and progress when writing essays.

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Planning: Get your data down in the most helpful way you can and plan out the structure of your essay in detail before you start it.

Describe A Place You Like Essay. Written by John Linford. Note to self - In the next month and a half you need to finish: - One 1000 word essay on a single text for reading texts 1 - One 1000 word. Planning and Structuring your Essay. Have you ever got a bad mark for an essay because your tutor said she. Rock concerts. To plan and write an essay on any subject, follow these guidelines. The next step is to plan your essay: as we identified, the minimum requirements will be an introduction, body and. Read my 4 step guide to effective IELTS essay planning. Here are some of the things you should get right from the start. Writing the conclusion. Students must understand that for a supervisor to authenticate the originality of an essay, he/she must.

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Understanding the question is the most important factor in writing a 20 mark essay. In your plan you have to ensure that you are fully aware of what the question is actually asking you to do. By breaking down the question at the planning stage you are ensuring that you are taking the correct approach to answering it. There is really no room for mistake when you only have 40 minutes in the exam to answer each of your 2 essay questions.

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I'm an experienced online Theory of Knowledge tutor, offering personal help to IB students with their ToK essays.

I also provide help to those IB ToK teachers who feel a little out of their depth!

I received my doctorate in aspects of the Theory of Knowledge from the University of Oxford and went on to teach ToK there myself as a post-doctoral tutor.

I now work exclusively as an independent philosophy and ToK tutor to university, college and school students worldwide.

At any time, you can access free podcasts, videos, and articles, relevant to your IB ToK essay or presentation, from the site's social media pages.

The posts also provide links to discussions of WoKs, AoKs and real-life examples; so it's worth following or liking them:

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No matter how much time, energy, and effort you spend planning and writing an essay, a first draft always has room for improvement. At the very least, there will be small mistakes to correct, and at most, there could be significant – but fixable – problems. Revising, editing, and proofreading are all extremely valuable steps.…

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This short plan will ensure that you are answering the question fully. The process of planning will ensure that you are focused on the question before you begin to write your essay. Essay planning is also a skill and you will get better and quicker at it. You should be aiming to complete the plan in less than five minutes in the exam.