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Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven (1909)
Letters from the Earth (1909)
Queen Victoria’s Jubilee (1910)
My Platonic Sweetheart (1912)
The Mysterious Stranger (1916)
Mark Twain’s Autobiography (1924)
Mark Twain’s Notebook (1935)
Letters from the Earth (1962)

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Even so, the former plantation colonies of the Upper South stood in a sorry state after Independence, beset by plummeting commodity prices and depleted soils. After the introduction of the cotton gin in 1791, these master-enslavers found a market for their surplus slave-capital.

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After the page had been printed, it was Sam's job toremove, clean, and sort the letters into their specific bins, ready tobe used again.

Mr. Lewis was able to clear his sixty-four-acre farm of allencumbrance. Furthermore, he entered the employ of Mr. Langdon ascoachman and faithfully performed his duties for many years. He andMark Twain became intimate friends and spent much time together. Theywere frequently photographed together. Whenever the noted writervisited the Langdons - and much of his writing took place on the QuarryFarm, which Mr. Lewis cultivated - these two friends were oftentogether. Twain was a good judge of mankind and one day, in referringto Mr. Lewis in a picture of both of them, said, "The colored man. . .is John T. Lewis, a friend of mine. These many years - thirty-four infact. He was my father-in-law’s coachman forty years ago; was manyyears a farmer of Quarry Farm, and is still my neighbor. I have notknown an honester man nor a more respect-worthy one. Twenty-seven yearsago, by the prompt and intelligent exercise of his courage, presence ofmind and extraordinary strength, he saved the lives of three relativesof mine, whom a runaway horse was hurrying to destruction. Naturally Ihold him in high and grateful regard."
, by Freeman Ankrum.

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WhileOrion was away on business, Sam began adding sketches to "liven up thecirculation" of the struggling paper, and he certainly did so.

Sam Clemens published his firststory, inthe newspaper, on 16January, 1851.

"A GallantFireman" is "the first known venture of Sam Clemens into print!" It is abrief anecdote that appeared in his brother Orion Clemens’ HannibalWestern Union not long after Clemens had joined its staff subsequent tohis apprenticeship on Joseph P.

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In the West, Mark Twain was overwhelmed by the sense of inferiority, a feeling shared by most westerners. This was spurred by the imposing and superior cultural life of the Eastern establishment, particularly in Boston and New York. As such, in 1870, he got married to Olivia Langdon, the daughter of a wealthy New York coal merchant, in order to improve his status . In 1876, he published The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and began working on Adventures of Huckleberry which were his most popular masterpieces.

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