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The paper will discuss: the history of ethics, definition, doctor/nurse being education about ethics in college, code of ethics, futile care and the confusion with DNR orders....

In brief, welfare rights and liberty rights are very important to the nursing profession.

It's hard to pinpoint one case that changed the medical photography landscape but one of the first landmark privacy cases that hinged on photography was Roberson v. Rochester Folding Box Company in 1902. Basically, in this case the Franklin Mills Flower Company had hired Rochester Folding Box to print 25,000 advertisement posters. On these posters was the face of a young girl named Abigail Roberson, a teenager whose portrait had been taken at a photography studio for personal use. She never consented to its public display. Unbeknownst to her, the photos were placed all around town, and she learned of them through friends and family who recognized her. She reported experiencing "great distress and suffering in both body and mind" and she had a nervous breakdown, essentially, because of the embarrassment. While the judge ruled in favor of Rochester Folding Box, her case led to really rampant discussion about privacy and whether or not you own your own image. Over time, a decision related to this case ruled that, in fact, you do own your own image and the rights to decide what can be done with it. There are so many other interesting cases. One is Claymann v. Bernstein in 1940, in which the court ruled that a physician could not use a photograph of a patient's facial development for the purpose of medical instruction without consent. So even if it was just to be shared between medical students and residents, if consent had not been acquired, then it was not allowed. In a 1961 case in Louisiana, McAndrews v. Roy, a patient sued for an invasion of privacy after a physician published an image ten years after the patient consented. The judge found it unreasonable to publish photos after so much time had elapsed. So the rules we know today stem from several legal cases over time.

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As a profession, nurses need to promote the core values and code of Ethics amongst them.

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Nurse practitioners are required to understand and practice the specific knowledge and skills of core values such as nurse caring, advocacy, holism and professionalism to assist the patients in their critical condition (Volp 2007a).

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Objectives: Assignment one:
After successfully completing this assignment students will:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of law and ethics in 21st Century registered nursing practice in Australia 2. Apply published theory to case situations. 3. Synthesise published material with the student’s own analysis to demonstrate appropriate conclusions. 4. Demonstrate professional communication in the accepted form of an Academic Assignment.

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patient but sees from the nursing handover notes that he has a hip replacement carried out three days previously. What are the professional issues that this nurse needs to consider before performing the

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– The role of the nurse in relation to the professional issues discussed throughout this module
– How accountability, delegation and maintaining standards of practice impact on patient care
– The core values of nursing and nursing regulation and how these impact on patient care
– Record keeping as a professional issue
– Over-riding ethical and legal principles in relation to patient safety

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In the clinical setting nurses have a lot of responsibilities while caring for an ill patient, they have the obligation to practice their profession with compassion, love, and respect the uniqueness of each patient, as nurses we are not supposed to deny care to a patient because of their economic status, their skin color,...