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Well known to the public for his role as a special commentator on the McNeil-Lehrer News Hour in the mid-1980s and as a literary critic for Saturday Review, John W. Aldridge is also a professor of English at the University of Michigan and the author of a number of highly acclaimed books. His works include: After the Lost Generation (1951), Critiques and Essays on Modern Fiction (1952), In Search of Heresy (1956), editor, Selected Stories by P. G. Wodehouse (1958), The Party at Cranton (1960), Time to Murder and Create (1966), In the Country of the Young (1970), The Devil In the Fire (1972), and American Novel and the Way We Live Now (1983). Dr. Aldridge is also a decorated veteran, having received the Bronze Star in World War II.

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In focusing on homeless African American women veterans, we are able to examine the policies and programs that cater three of the four interest groups simultaneously....

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Herman J. Viola, the renowned Smithsonian historian, has been working to bring awareness of American Indian military service over his entire professional career. His book “Warrior in Uniform: The Legacy of American Indian Heroism” exemplifies his passion for telling their stories. His most recent project saw the installation of an American Indian Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, adjacent to the central mall.