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Presently, there are major issues within our educational system when it comes to finding ways to produce, fund, and implement assistive educational technologies that will “level the playing field” for deaf and hard-of-hearing students and provide them with equal access to a reasonable education....

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Essays and Studies Presented to William Ridgeway, ..

Includes an address to the nation by Bill Clinton and interviews with students who were present in the school during the time of the shootings.

A vast dichotomy exists between the academic and the "amateur" historian, a gap which remains little known to or understood by the outsider, so let me explain.

As they say, an expert is one who knows more and more about less and less. The normal diet of essays, articles, books, and conference papers produced by university historians - of whom I am one - most certainly appears to illustrate the truth of this contention. Absolutely typical papers presented at conferences, seminars, and programmes of research by university historians and post-graduate students have titles such as: King James I and the Landed Gentry of Lancashire, 1610-1625; The Foreign Policy of President Grover Cleveland, 1893-97; and The Rise and Decline of the Pit Prop Industry in South Wales, 1880-1930. As it happens, I have made all of these titles up, but I do not have the slightest doubt that virtually identical papers or book chapters have been written by academic historians. These, by the way, are the vivid and interesting topics: I will not try your patience with a typical list of the boring and tedious ones. Needless to say, I am as guilty as anyone else in my profession of writing this kind of minutiae. Emphatically, I must emphasise, I am not condemning this kind of research: every such topic is a valid contribution to our historical understanding, increasing our knowledge of the past and often helping to change or modify our long-held but erroneous views.