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Stereotyping can have intense negative effects, especially when educators or managers make fewer attempts to involve those of other cultures because they have been taught not to expect participation! Or do not realize there may be something wrong when a student or employee of a different ethnicity makes little eye contact with them. Faye Lee, a concerned Japanese-American wrote: "How anyone can try to make generalizations about an entire continent of people, plus all the Asian Americans and the infinite permutations of people's differing experiences, is beyond me."

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Culture and individual beliefs depending of the culture affect different areas of logic differently. For example, a person from the Bahamas reasoning in fishing would differ from a person which is living in Alaska. The different aspects of culture have a diverse ‘degree’ of effect on reasoning all depending on what factor influenced the culture more convincingly in development. A good example of this is, in Africa the religion rituals and the geography are very influential, while in Europe primarily history played a large part in developing the existing cultures. So as you can see, this is an example of two very different countries, separated by two very different cultural influences, therefore differentiating the beliefs and set of minds of the peoples residing in both nations. It is difficult to say if the effect of culture and individual beliefs on logic is negative or positive, although these effects on reasoning are a major cause to the misunderstandings in the world today. Furthermore, the world would be a plain place without the present diverse cultures. It is only when acceptance and tolerance become a part of our individual beliefs that it may be possible for culture and beliefs to not negatively affect conclusions reached.

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However, it has had a literate cultural élite for thousands of years, and myths which were originally regional have spread by means of a pictographic script which transcended language barriers.

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As a result of past and previous research into child rearing and parenting styles adopted in various parts of the world, various disparities in attitudes and practices have been ascertained. The various styles are attributed to diverse social and economic factors that influence beliefs and attitudes whose primary objective is the development and survival of the child. However, despite these differences in techniques, the primary goals of child rearing can be construed as being similar when considered from each culture’s values and associated beliefs. For example most parenting goals are directed at protection of the child and thus influence parenting styles such as constantly maintaining a physical closeness with the child. This paper looks into the various cultural disparities in child rearing and parenting while identifying the various factors influencing this diversity and the potential effect of these techniques on the child.

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The authoritarian parenting style offers a harsh contrast to the permissive style in that the child is not offered leeway to their requirements. It is usually characterized by an expectation on the parent’s part for full and unopposed obedience from the child. As a result, the child has to follow a strict code of conduct that is defined by cultural and social requirements to the relation between a parent and the child. Some proponents of this style demonstrate the perceived benefit of this form of parenting in contexts such as that of African, Arab and Chinese families with fathers expected to be authoritarians for the child to be respectful and obedient. However, in Western cultures such as those of European and American families, children with authoritarian parents tend to be withdrawn and anxious with an overt lack of impulsiveness or intellectual inquisitiveness (Bellack, Hersen & Belar, 1998).

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We have studied the literature of three cultures (Egyptian, Indian and Chinese) to some degree of depth. Write an essay that makes a detailed comparison of the literature of two of the three cultures mentioned above, demonstrating first their similar, and then their dissimilar, qualities, as well as the similar and different ways that the literature of each culture evolved through time. Show to what degree the West influenced modern non-Western literary styles.