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So if we look at both the service management and the marketing literatures both suggest that there is a well-built theoretical foundation for an experiential examination of the linkages among customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and profitability.

What is the customer behaviour towards the loyalty program in terms of: 2.1.

Targeted, personalized and interactive marketing helps to increase customer retention and enhances customer loyalty making a company’s products and services increasingly irresistible leading to repeat purchases and higher profitability as well as reduced customer servicing costs....

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Is there any relationship of customer program to customer loyalty on shopping malls; and 5.

B2B buyers are also . They are just as susceptible to developing loyalty and affinities for a given brand. In other words, B2B buyers also want a great customer experience!

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The development of loyalty includes building and supporting a relationship with a customer, which leads to the repetitive purchase of products or services over a given period of time.

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The study focusses that a well-designed structure of the loyalty program helps in gaining a strong hold on customer loyalty and makes a positive impact on the minds of the customers....

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Literature Review Introduction The purpose of this literature review is to explore the current literature based on customer loyalty towards online stores, also known as ‘e-loyalty’, in comparison to the traditional in-store ‘offline’ method.

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The extent of the required loyalty depends on the expectations that are constitutive for the particular relationship. These relationships can be of informal (e.g., friends) or formal nature (e.g., marriage). You can be born into it (for example, relatives) or they can be chosen (for example, immigration). The loyalty expectations extend to external actions, but also – as in the case of friendships – to internal settings. It is disputed whether loyalties are genuine obligations.

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The concept of customer loyalty has been around and present throughout in all parts/activities of numerous industries in the past decade (Lewis, 1997).

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The main problem of loyalty is caused by by the difference in expectation. Different loyalty requirements lead to conflicts, for example, when an employee is to be loyal to the employer, even though he does not share certain values ​​or goals. Especially often, such conflicts are found in social organizations with hierarchy (church, state, army). Severe is the example for insubordination in the army declared by a conscientious objector. Even the matters of environmental protection, reliability, balance sheet, personnel and similar sensitive issues, where loyalty is always required and end as often in fraud.