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What is unique about the California situationis that the web page of the State Licensing Board for Psychology (but noother profession!) carries a statement to the effect that the provision ofpsychological services is limited in California to those licensed to providethose services California.

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Provides a basic understanding of stress and its physical, psychological, and social effects. Includes the relationships between stress and change, self-evaluation, sources of stress, and current coping skills for handling stress.

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Keepit positive. Do not write negatively aboutyourself or your profession or anyone else! If you need toexplain a dip in grades, do so briefly and objectively; do not belabourwhatever trauma/situation caused the problem. Also, do not tosaythings like "I went into psychology because I couldn't cut in organicchemistry, thereby destroying my dreams of being apediatrician." Always find the "positive" (meaning not negative, not meaningridiculously idealistic) way of communicating the sameinformation. For instance, another way of expressing thepreviousexample is -- "Though I'd planned on becoming a pediatrician, I foundthat adolescent psychology provides the sort of sustained, personalcontactwith teens I really crave as part of my career."

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TMA 01 For a variety of reasons, parents often need or wish to have their preschool-age children spend part or all of their week in day care.

With reference to at least two themes of Part 1 of the module, write an essay of no more than 2000 words discussing the potential positive and negative effects of day care on young children. Mark 85%

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