Auden wrote the poem, “Funeral Blues”.

In conclusion, Funeral Blues by W.H Auden was successful in creating a
very depressing mood that was full of despair and contained absolutely
no hope.

Auden was the founder for a generation of English poets, such as C.

“Funeral Blues” was a great poem with a lot of imagery, which made it easier for you to understand how the narrator was feeling the whole time, and how he thought that without his lover, the world meant nothing.

Auden wrote “Funeral Blues” the poem.

Auden’s earlier works were composed of a Marxist outlook with a knowledge of Freudian Psychology.

Auden is utterly distraught due to the loss of his romantic other and because of the immense pain he is suffering he wants everyone else to tolerate the same anguish.

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W.H Auden’s poetry investigates a decent society as it is oppressed by political ideology and then by war. The prevailing political motivation of a fraught time period and the destructive impact of war are also illustrated in the Australian...

Auden, is based on a loved one who is deceased

In the first stanza the depressing mood is created straight away by
the poet's use of commands, which created the impression that he
wanted the whole world to come to a stand still:

"Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,

Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone"

These particular commands are demanding silence from everyone as he is
requesting silence from everyone as he wants the clocks to stop
ticking, the phone to stop ringing, the dog to be quiet and basically
every aspect of normal, everyday life to come to a halt.

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W.H Auden also made effective use of rhythm and rhyme in order to
create the atmosphere, which exists at a funeral:

"…with muffled drum,

Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come."

By the use of the word 'muffled' I was given the impression of a
foggy, depressing and cold day with the coffin being removed from the
black hearse.

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Death is the subject and main theme of “Funeral Blues.” Through the poem Auden makes a compelling statement about the devastating effects that the death of a loved one has on those left behind. The speaker has just lost someone for whom he/she had a deep love. During the course of the poem, the speaker will plan a funeral procession, reveal details about their relationship, and consider the future.

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When we lose a loved one who provided a sense of meaning and order, chaos can result. The speaker feels a sense of disorder as a result of losing a relationship that was such an integral part of his/her life. Their love provided the speaker with a sense of time and space and so helped delineate the boundaries of his/her life. The loss of that order prompts the speaker to try to regain some semblance of it through the planning of the funeral procession. First everyday objects are attended to as a somber mood is set. The speaker’s use of the imperative voice helps regain a sense of control. The death has caused a sensitivity to noise, and so the speaker instructs the listener to silence telephones, dogs, and pianos. Telephones are silenced since communication is no longer possible in this chaotic state and playful, barking dogs become an annoyance. Even art, in the form of music from a piano, cannot be appreciated. Clocks must be stopped because time stands still now for the speaker who cannot see any sense of meaning in the future. This attempt