Personally, I think that there are many benefits for cloning animals.

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In this section as the title reads I will show the history of cloning.400 million years B.

I want to argue that the current debate about cloning turns the ethical issues on their head. There are no reasons to regard as unethical the cloning of humans. There is, on the other hand, something deeply immoral about a campaign that seeks to block the advancement, not just of reproductive technology, but also of other medical techniques based on cloning methods which could potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives, and lessen the suffering of many more.

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1981- Karl Illmensee and Peter Hoppe report that they clone normal mice and embryo cells.

Using a deterministic argument, many infertile couples
are worried that any "government restrictions on human cloning might hurt their
chances some day for bearing children through new medical technology" ( Newsday,
Thomas Maier, 03/14/1997).

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As a result of such arguments, most European states still ban research into therapeutic cloning. Britain finally licensed certain forms of cloning research last year, but only after years of prevarication, and still only in highly limited cases. In the USA, the Bush administration is expected to ban federal funding for any form of ES-cell research. In a special report on therapeutic cloning, the journal Nature asked recently why it was that only a dozen or so research teams are pursuing work in such a highly promising area. A large part of the answer, it concluded, was the degree of political restriction being placed upon such research.

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Opponents of cloning like to present the debate as one between an immoral science, hellbent on progress at any cost, and those who seek to place scientific advancement within a moral framework. But what is moral about causing unnecessary suffering by creating obstacles to medical advance? And what can be more ethical than attempting to alleviate such suffering through the development medical and scientific techniques? It is about time we stopped indulging theologians and Luddites in the absurd myth that they occupy the moral high ground in the debate about cloning. They don't. They are using moral norms drawn from dogmatic and reactionary visions of life to prevent the practical alleviation of human suffering.